Abbiati: Mihajlovic A Smart Motivator

Former AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati gave a compliment to the figure of Sinisa Mihajlovic. According to him, Mihajlovic is an accomplished motivator who can make his players perform better.

Abbiati and Mihajlovic are indeed not strangers. Abbiati was part of the team raised by Mihajlovic at the end of his career as a player. The two worked together at the AC Milan club.

However, since the beginning of this 2016/17 season, Mihajlovic decided to accept the offer as Torino coach. While Abbiati has now decided not to continue his career as a player.

“Mihajlovic is an accomplished motivator,” Abbiati praised Tuttosport.

“Last year he has made me repeatedly feel surprised. If you play with only 98 percent performance, he will talk to you and bring you in a 110 percent condition. He never rests in training sessions,” he continued.

Abbiati ensured that what was said was not merely a hoax. He gave concrete evidence to the figure of Gianluigi Donnarumma. The player whose name is orbited after getting his debut in the Milan first team when coached by Mihajlovic.

When Mihajlovic decided to give him a chance to play, Donnarumma was only 16 years old.

“Motivation provided an impact on young players. One of them is his courage when giving debut to Donnarumma, when the player was only 16 years old,” concluded Abbiati.

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