Information Technology and Development

Information Technology is concerned with the design and development of computer-based systems, which are implemented in hardware and software. The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology is an expert printer with profound computer technology skills and mastering the technical problem solving needed, in line with the modernity of the times. The departments which take shelter in the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology are Informatics, Information Systems, and Information Technology.

The development of information technology today almost all sectors of humans use information. in social and political life technology is never separated from life, there are various things that are new in the world of technology whether dynamic or innovative are its main characteristics. based on daily needs many can not be separated from technology.

Information technology has many interesting things that we can get, such as new things, which until now have been interested in it. information technology or in short with IT in its development in this era not only offers the latest innovations, there are also many infrastructures which in their manufacturing need a lot of the latest technologies that are needed in this era.

Information technology (IT) has a very broad scope. When we review this theme it will usually connect other aspects outside it which in reality are interrelated with one another, for example information and communication technology. in general will touch each other. In general, the understanding of information technology or IT is all matters relating to the mechanism of using certain devices to process including information modification.

The application of IT can also be identified in other areas that are needed to effectively convey the information itself. Areas that have applied information technology or IT are:

Field of education
The application of IT in the education sector can be identified by the existence of E-Learning, which is a kind of online learning system via the internet. With this facility it is possible for teachers and students to keep interacting without having to face-to-face for certain activities such as sending assignments and materials.

Business Field
Information technology (IT) has also been adopted in the business sector with products in the form of E-Commerce. The existence of E-Commerce is able to facilitate business people in conducting commerce activities online on the internet. All trading activities such as promotions, trading transactions can be accommodated properly and effectively.

Banking sector
The application of IT in the banking world can be seen from the mode of online banking transactions on the internet or more popularly called Internet Banking. With this facility, users can carry out certain activities such as checking balances, transferring money between accounts via their own devices such as computers, cellphones etc.

Of course the relevant devices must be connected to the internet and have activated Internet Banking at the bank where they are customers. The use of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) is also one of the applications of information technology that has been around for a long time.